sunday supper, flying solo

IMG_4346 SOBO seemed to be going their separate ways this weekend, so our little family had dinner on our own in the backyard last night.  It had been, in my mind, a perfect Sunday.  Brunch with some friends ($4 Eggs Benedict!), a trip to the Farmer's Market and our local garden store.  Our Farmer's Market is really coming along, and by next week Callum and will be back in our rhythm of weekly visits.  I'll take some pictures then.

IMG_4340 Neel planted, and I supervised.  I'm so excited.  He's putting in a corkscrew willow.  I've wanted one for ages.

IMG_4351 Cool.

IMG_4355 Hot.

Last night was the third day this week that I've had a version of that first salad.  Thursday, at our end of the year school picnic, someone put crab salad in Sweet Hawaiian Rolls, man I love potlucks!  A friend of mine recreated it Saturday night with crab, dried shallots, roasted red pepper and some chili sauce.  My version last night combined the crab with avocado, celery and super sweet corn.  All different, all delicious. 

That second salad may be my new fave.  Isralaei couscous with roasted beets, quickly sauteed zucchini and squash, bound together with a pomegranate molasses - honey - vinegar dressing.  I just love Isralaei couscous, and beets are a new thing for me.  I thank Neel.  He thanks me for mayonaise, which he didn't used to eat.

IMG_4360 Here's the crab salad, all dressed up.  We have leftovers too!

IMG_4363 Neel's started to lose his battle with gardening fatigue (note dirty knee), and Callum graced us with his presence long enough to eat, clear and head right back outside.

IMG_4359 See that look?  That's the face of the first Sunday of Summer Vacation.  No where to go, no where to be.  Nothing but days of sun and play ahead of him.