Father's Day, 2009

IMG_4652 He's a pretty great dad, you know.  And I, having had a pretty great dad myself, have exceptionally high standards.

IMG_4664 So we put him to work!  Actually, this kind of work Neel likes.  Our friends Tracy and Mark live in this amazing house on a river and they offered for us to come and canoe for Father's Day.  I jumped, because canoeing is right up Neel's alley.  He's been dying to get on the water with Callum.  It's criminal that we haven't taken advantage of all the water that surrounds us, but today we tried to change that.


IMG_4682 And off they went!

IMG_4697 We had an appreciative audience, both in the water...

IMG_4726 and out.

IMG_4714  Of course, right as they got out of sight the wind kicked up like nobody's business.  Callum was a great bowman, but he provided no ballast.  Neel laughed when he saw this picture, "No wonder we were getting blown all over the place.  Half the bow is out of the water!"  Of course that was after they made it back home.  It was windy enough that he on the water, and I on the dock were both a bit worried about how they were going to make it back at all.

IMG_4728 So much for my my ride.  We pulled the plug on the canoeing after that.  For now at least.  Perhaps the best part is knowing we can come to paddle another day.  Happy Father's Day, dearest of men, best of dads.  Callum and I both are lucky to have you.