beach days begin

IMG_4395 Now this is not a bad way to start things off, is it?  It didn't hurt that when I got to the car the girl in the back said, "Let's go, bitch!"  Of course, she's two, and what I think she meant was, "Let's go to the beach!"  I'm going to assume that's what she meant, at least.

When we got to the beach, her brother, who's four, said, "Look at those big bootys!"

Bootys Bouys, actually.  Not bootys.

IMG_4428 The boys headed out to sea.

IMG_4442 And we didn't sit much.

IMG_4422 Neither did they.

IMG_4445 Everyone wanted to try on the swim mask.  Here's Mackenzie saying, "I can't see Callum."

IMG_4450 Not quite sure what's going on here.

IMG_4453 I know what this is though.  It's 100% cute.