sunday supper, sobo style

IMG_2609 So we started talking, round the 'hood, about the idea of having regular, communal dinners.  Once a week, once a month, the particulars didn't seem to matter as much as that we were making a choice to gather together to share a meal.  So this week we started the first of our SOBO Sunday Suppers.  And I have to stop and ask, what the heck is Neel laughing about? 

IMG_2620 Our plans were loose, simply that we'd bring some food, whatever each of us had planned for dinner, and throw it all on the grill, sharing everything, family style.

IMG_2622 Of course there was wine.

IMG_2623 Grilled pineapple was Catherine's call.  It could have been dessert, but it was perfect with the meal.  Note the paint on Neel's index finger.  More on that later.

IMG_2628 All over, but the last drops.

IMG_2627 We cleared the dishes away, and the kids got up and played.  As Tyler said, "Dinner: dominated."  We were already chatting about what to cook next Sunday.  Jean and Paul and their brood didn't make it this week, but Tyler called it when he said, we know we're going to have them, and if you can get here come and join us.  So, here you are SOBO, we've got it goin' on, come on over.  Family of choice, all around me.  I love having something to look forward to.