just what I needed, apparently

IMG_2424 Some good friends, some cartons of Chinese food and a bottle of wine (whine, anyone?).  Who could ask for anything more?

IMG_2427 We made short work of the food and the wine (and Jean took care of the Coke), talking, talking, talking...

IMG_2432 This little guy is no dummy.  After his third sock change of the night, it was pretty clear that he just wanted to hang out with the ladies.

IMG_2436 Dessert you ask?  Of COURSE! "Just Fudge Pie," cookies made by a woman in Neel's lab (Oh my GOSH, Thank you, Katrina!) and almond cake.

I ate too much and stayed up too late, but it was just what I needed.  After surrounding myself with all that love, I feel a little better prepared to face the week. Thank you, ladies, for a perfect night. xoxo.