sick bay

Well it turns out I had the flu.  We seem to have knocked it back to a glancing blow, and I'm down to a gnarly cough and resultant diaphragm pain and deadening fatigue.  I plan to go to work today, but I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to manage the drive.  I'm convinced I never would have gotten so well so fast without some tremendous help.

Nurses Violet, Lucy and Thea now reporting!  (Not pictured, Nurse Turbo McFatty Thea, on duty at the foot of the sofa.)

Hop to, Nurse Lucy!  (It's her third 11-7 shift in a row, and she's feeling the effects.)

We're all pretty worn out, actually.

Nurse Violet is steady-as-she-goes, though.  She's offered to take a double shift, if it means she doesn't have to move.

Photo credits to Neel, who I'm sure, would want me to point out the Eagles cap.  He said it would keep me warm, and I said, "Like it helped them win?"  I had to wear my own cap today.