Well, I know it went dark around here for a prolonged while, and I'm sorry for that. We all got hammered with a nasty cold over Thanksgiving. It made the holiday something of a bust. Dozing on the sofa, I had plenty of time to think about the things I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for this blog, which waits paitently while I neglect it shamefully. I'm grateful for Tussinex cough syrup which allowed me to sleep at night. I'm grateful for friends who called to check in on me, even when I could only croak back to them on the phone. I'm grateful to the friends who included us in their Thanksgiving plans, and in their blessing as "family." I'm grateful that those are the kinds of friends who'd let me show up having done little more than throw on a bra under my jammies! I'm grateful for football and fried turkey. I'm grateful the electrician is coming this weekend. I'm grateful that my family loves sour cream apple pie. I'm grateful to our new neighbors who are allowing me to see our country ("Is fried turkey like Kentucky Fried Chicken?") with fresh eyes. I'm grateful for Tyler and his Christmas lights. I'm grateful for my son, who is taking some big things (mostly) in stride. I'm grateful for my job and my home and my marriage. I'm grateful for my good health.