the damage

IMG_8441 We were off having fun, playing Nerf gun tag in the dark, while our neighbors had bigger concerns. Friday morning revealed more damage than we'd expected.

IMG_8463 Neighbors across the street woke to find a divet in their driveway next to their eighty foot oak that hadn't been there before. We waited all day, sick feelings in the pits of our stomachs, for the busy tree guys to come as we watched that gorgeous old oak lean towards another neighbors house. Such a shame, but it had to come down.

Photo A couple of doors down was this. When I asked that neighbor if he'd heard it happen, he said, "I saw it." It came right at him, missing the house and only glancing against his truck. He was mournfully pulling brush away from the trunk, and someone mentioned later that day that he seemed so sad.


Photo These last few photos I took with my phone, so the quality is a bit murky. That's the river, at the end of the lane in the shot above. It's a tidal rive; we've even seen dolphins swimming in it in the summer. We live about three blocks away, and it's breaking not just about the bulkhead, but pouring into the street, over half a block up. As you can see, there are power lines down in the water, and again a tree in someone's yard.

Photo This one, was perhaps the most impressive. It had the street shut down for several days. The root-ball alone had to be twenty feet high. It took out another tree and stretched across three yards, but missed houses and cars. Amazing. My friend Debbie hates the term "Nor'easter." As many times as we heard it, it's hard to blame her. I didn't miss the cable, really, although normally I'm glued to that sort of thing. I love Super Doppler Radar! We've heard the storm made the news everywhere, as far away as Australia. On my walk today even there was still debris everywhere, still some downed wires, and the gutters are still wet.

The forecast for tomorrow? Rain.