moving day

IMG_7635 We moved back into the kitchen this weekend.  We were able to do this because Neel painted at 2:30 in the morning.  Go Neel!  Painting!  Who knew?

IMG_7636 I spent all day Saturday putting things away, and it was great. Once the hallway is done I'll have more drawer space, so I decided to move my spices out of the pantry and into drawers in the island.  This was some fun organizing.  I think I'm going to like it.

IMG_7639 Oh, my shelves. 

IMG_7651 This was some fun work too, figuring out what goes where.  It took some heavy editing.

IMG_7653 There are still holes in the wall and the back splash yet to go up, but I can feel it. We're almost there.

Oh, also, I Googled "twice blooming hydrangea" and the closest I got was this:

    Q: Do hydrangea bush bloom twice in summer?

    A: Maybe