it begins


Well, Callum started Lacrosse this weekend.  It's his first foray into team sports, and it was time.  He's been taking karate for for three years now, and really that seemed sufficient.  Part of it, I know, was that Neel and I weren't ready to face hectic practice schedules and gear, but we also knew that when Callum really pushed it, it was time.  Not before.


Well, he pushed it for Lacrosse, and here we are.  A five-week camp held every Sunday at a local college by the college coach and team.  This camp will get him ready to get on a team in the spring.


This boy continues to amaze me.  How other he is from us in spectacular ways.  His athleticism astonishes me, and his enthusiasm humbles me.  Callum enters any project from Lacrosse to multiplication with excitement and energy.  Sunday was his first day at this game.  Sure he's tossed a ball in the yard before, but really getting out there?  This was it, first time, full stop.  And there he was, giving it his all.  Talking to his coaches, asking for extra practice, wanting to get in the game.


The friend that Callum knew was coming made him happy, he was glad to
have a bud.  For me it would have been essential to have someone I know
there.  But then, I am tentative.  I hold back.  Not this kid.  There is nothing tentative about him.  Neel and I could hear him yelling across the field, "Over here!" and we thought "That's our boy."