the remedy (except it's a spiced pineapple cooler. apparently)


I have had A. Day.  One blow of craziness after another.  A few weeks ago I bought two of these new drink mixes from Williams Sonoma, and for my whole drive home tonight I was thinking, "I need a Remedy." How perfect is that?  Except we'd already finished The Remedy so I had the Spiced Pineapple Cooler.  Neel brought me a sip from a straw as I peeled shrimp for dinner (Never say that man can't recognize a desperate situation when he sees one.), and he worried that it was too spicy for me.  It wasn't it.  I chugged it.  Now I'm ready for bed.

And along the lines of "things I never dreamed I'd hear" we sent Callum to his room after school so he could calm down a bit before tackling his homework, and we could hear him wailing, "Please let me do my math.  Please!  I want to do my math."  I don't even know what to say about that.