for Ama...


When my mom was here, we were stunned to find an amazing deal on some roasters at Williams Sonoma.  This one, which is bigger than 9X13, was only $29.99, down from something like $135.  My mom got a smaller one, and hers was only $24.99.


I put it into action right away, with our favorite macaroni and cheese.  Neel, of course, ate the leftovers without telling me.


After she left, we put some new plants in our front porch planters.  We've had trouble with these planters this year.  I think we've killed three different things this spring and summer, but I have high hopes for the sweet potato vines.  These vines are all over this area and I love them.  Such a bright, almost neon green.   I really like they way they pop against the purple door and gray house.  These are babies, but the guy at the garden center said they'd trail like crazy, down the steps through the yard and across the street.


My mom hadn't seen them before, and their shocking chartreuse-ness is her favorite color, so I said I'd send pictures.  Are we all caught up now?