sunday evening


I love this angle in my house.  Looking from our kitchen/family room through the dining room and into the living room.  I'm not sure why these angles appeal to me so much.  It's as if my life unfolds to you, room by room out the window through to the front yard.  I photograph them often.  This picture was taken Sunday evening in golden twilight as we await a thunder storm.  These three rooms look really nice right now.  I cleaned the crap out of them this weekend.




All of our surfaces were looking a little like this.  I vacuumed rugs and cushions and dusted everything.  This is the dustiest house I have ever lived in.  I no sooner dust every surface in sight then I find a gray film on everything.  Fruuuuuustrating.   There is seriously no getting ahead of it.   The island looks great now, but it's too dark to photograph it for you. 


I even wanted to mop.  I couldn't find our bucket anywhere.  What cruel twist of irony is that?  To actually want to mop and not have a bucket.  I  finally dumped out one of the bins Callum stores his Legos in only to find that our mop was busted too.  I did it anyway, so desperate was I.

I have a lot I'm thinking about my house right now.  An overwhelming need for order.  Heather Armstrong, over at dooce wrote a great post about coming home from vacation and wanting to reorder her life.  I'm not going as far as the 21-day cleanse, but I always feel that way after coming home from vacation.  Wanting to tend to things better than my normal sorry self can manage to.  So I got a little start this weekend, and it is very settling to see smooth and empty surfaces.

The wind has started to pick up out those big front windows.  Maybe we'll get a storm yet.