Thursday: (08/30).  How to survive a golf tournament.


Friday: (09/30): Girls weekend.  Snacks and drinks.


Saturday: (10/30): Breakfast thanks to Kim.

Sunday = a day of rest.


Monday: (11/30): Party favor.


I have to take a brief break from all these photos and wax rhapsodic about my weekend.  My friend Lisa is so generous, in many ways really, but one spectacular way is in the use of her parents' beach house.  She offers it up twice yearly for girls' weekends, in the spring and the fall, and this past weekend was our weekend.  I don't always manage to make it, but man, this year, come hell or high water I wanted to be there.

I won't share the few photos I took because, well, you know...what happens at girls' weekend stays...yadda, yadda, yadda.  But let me just say there was amazing food (even for the vegetarian!), plenty of drinks, a contraband dip in a pool, what was that?  Oh, never mind.  Didn't happen.  There were beer fairies, movies, a gorgeous storm that I watched track along the coast from north to south and a perfect beach day.  I slept better than I have in months and even missed the sunrise (that almost never happens).  It was the setting, for sure, but more than that it was the company.  Thank you my dears, for rejuvenating me.