My demanding readers (Megan) have taken to calling me to ask if I'm going to write a post for the next day.  Never mind that I'm working my ass off slaving for a tyrant of a boss (Megan's husband) from sun up to sun down, and that I'm T.I.R.E.D.  Never mind all that.

So, I'm tired.  Did I mention that?  Unfortunately, that means all you get is my Wednesday night. 


Callum was in charge of dinner.  And by that I mean he conceptualized it.  He went to a cooking-themed birthday party a week or so ago where the kids made their own pizzas and decorated cupcakes.  That was fun, let me tell you.


Even Neel got in on the game, but my pictures of his pizza making are too fuzzy to publish.  On the drive home from the party, Callum ran through some pizza-topping ideas.  He came up with artichoke and bacon, and after I suggested feta cheese, we decided to make it.


And here it is.  A little olive oil, some roasted garlic puree, artichoke hearts, bacon and feta.  Callum's creation.  Gobble, gobble, gone.

He's studying gemstones in school, this kid of mine.  A subject after my own heart.  (Does that surprise anyone?)  And since my screen door is camping out on the dining room table (a story for another day), we ate in front of the t.v. tonight.  Jewelry TV and Gems TV.  Sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, oh my.  This is my life.