earth hour


Did you hear all the news reports about Earth Hour?  Started in Australia by the WWF in 2007, during this hour (from 8-9 p.m.) we turn out the lights to bring awareness to our energy consumption and to even save some energy.  Whole cities turned out their lights and even the Google homepage went dark.  On the spur of the moment (I really wish it had had more press, but it's a growing movement, so maybe next year) we decided to join in.  And had a wonderful evening. 

Neel lit all the candles downstairs, and we sat and talked and played Simon Says and had so much fun that we extended our hour, and even after we were ready to watch a movie we kept all the lights out.  Callum liked it so much that we're going to have Earth Hour every Saturday night. 

Now I'm off to buy some compact flourescents.