three bad dogs


They're pretty cute, huh?


Pretty guilty, I'd say.

We really had this escape-business resolved.  Good dogs, one and all.  Violet and Thea are the worst.  Lucy has been so good.  She'll even tell us if the other two get out. 

Not today.  These three broke, and I say that literally, through the bottom panel of our fence into the worst possible, most inaccessible, the world's-a-scary-place place.  Damn dogs.  So here I am, yelling, yelling, yelling.  Down on my knees, peering through the broken fence as they run and frolic in the backyard behind ours.  Aside from the fact that I'm still in my jammies, I can't get there from here. 

Thea comes back.  Back through the breach, and submits to me (and well she should).  Violet and Lucy still running and they will not come.  The lady in the house whose yard they're so enjoying calls to me from her doorway,  "The little one is here, but I don't know where the other one went." 


So I bring Thea in, run to the car (did I mention that I'm in my jammies?) and drive around the block to find both Lucy and Violet trotting down the street towards me.  I open the car door and right away Lucy jumps in.  Violet seems hesitant but is near enough for me to grab her collar, and in she goes as well.

My mouth was dry, my heart pounding and here they are, wag, wag wag and wreathed in doggie smiles.  So much for my restful morning at home.


Can you believe they are still asking to go out?