First. Pot Pie. Ever.


I've had this yen to make a pot pie, which I've never made before.  It seemed like the perfect Sunday night kind of meal.  We should probably have been seated more formally at the dining room table, with all of the accompanying side dishes and water goblets handy, but Neel worked on our taxes all day, and hey the Oscars were on (oh my god, did you see Gary Busey, who I totally thought was Nick Nolte, nearly attack Jennifer Garner?), so we ate in front of the t.v.  You would have done the same, admit it.

It's Ellie again.  I have to say, I am really liking this cookbook. Haven't met a recipe I didn't like.  And I loved what she had to say about pot pie...with phyllo dough, no less.  Her thought is no carrots.  She uses leeks and celery and green beans and peas (although I was low on peas, so we did more green beans and more leeks).  She likes the look of all green without the, dare I say, garish (Am I really talking in all italics today?  It seems so coy.  And really, that's not particularly my mood.) addition of the carrot.  This is a woman whose thinking is right up my alley.

  1. I do not like cooked carrots.  No, Dad.  I will not try them this time and I will not like them.
  2. I agree with Ellie.  The orange of the carrot stands out in a way that doesn't thrill me.  I love that Ellie is thinking about how the dish looks as much as about how it tastes, and for me, all that green and creamy white is the way to go.

If it looks a little soupy, at first it was, but it thickened up quite nicely.  I added a little more salt and pepper too.  And I apologize for the crappy lighting.  Now go get the book and make something you crave for dinner.