as good as it gets

So, it snowed today.  I know.  It's a little hard to tell.  Still, except in extreme circumstances, this really is about as good as it gets for us.  Life in the coastal south.  We're more likely to get Hurricane Days instead of Snow Days.  I know I've mentioned that I work at a school, and as much fun as it is to be at a school at holiday time, it's really fun to be there when it snows.  I looked up from my computer to see the flurries swirling and headed out to try to get some pictures only to find the kids literally pouring out of the Lower School building.

I have a very distinct memory of elementary school and a snow day from when I was growing up.  In East Tennessee it didn't snow  a lot, but back then (you know, back then, when I was a little girl...) we definitely had more snow than we do here.  This memory was in fifth grade.  My math class was in an odd corner room that had a long angular bank of windows overlooking the playground.  Math was in the morning (to be gotten over with), and one morning, out of the blue, it started to snow.  You know, back then, when I was a little girl, I wasn't glued to the Weather Channel ten days beforehand... And it snowed and snowed and snowed.  So we tried to work.  Everyone sneaking peaks away from our worksheets of fractions and out the windows.  Pretty soon the grassy fields beyond the basketball and four-square courts were white.  And, amazingly, not long after that, the basketball court grew white.  There was a sizzle of energy in the room.  Who could pay attention to a fraction with that sea of white in front of us?  Mr. Holt, our math teacher was clearly restless too.  When he left the room, the whispered rumors started. 

"They can't get in touch with our parents or they'd let us out now." 

"They have to keep us half a day because the cafeteria has started making lunch already."

"If we get a day off now we have to make them up in the summer."

Everyone speaking with total and complete authority.  I believed them all, each and every one. The funny things is that after that morning class spent in awe of the whitening fields and increasingly heavy skies filled with snow, I don't remember specifics of what happened.  I remember a jumble of kids in the hallway as we rushed back to Homeroom (Callum doesn't have Homeroom, his school has one class per grade, and I certainly don't think he feels the lack.), and I still remember the sizzle of excitement.  Did we go home early?  We we out of school the next day?  Who knows.  I guess excitement is what lasts when specifics don't.

Look how thrilled these kids are!

What I learned yesterday is that it doesn't go away.  And as our kids, from Lower to Middle School poured out of their classes, I saw that teachers get excited too.  (Heck even our Business Manager squealed on the phone to me when a second wave of flurries moved through!)  There was barely enough snow to catch a flake on your tongue, but there we all were.  For some of us (those who don't see it that much, I imagine!), it doesn't go away.  I'm holding out hope for a snow day this year.  I'll keep you posted.