the red velvet cake skirt


Otherwise known as don't look too close... I really struggled with this one for some reason. It's the layered version of Amy Butler's Barcelona skirt, and I'm perfectly willing to admit that it just may be beyond me. For now at least. I have no problem admitting that my sewing skills aren't all that just yet and that I have a long way to go. Heck, we all know that I'm making this stuff up as I go along. And seriously this skirt nearly kicked me in the butt. Let's face it. It did kick me in the butt...BUT. I persevered. I loved the fabric too much not to.


We were having dinner with some friends a few weeks ago, and I really wanted to wear this skirt. I sewed seams, I ripped out seams. I read and read and reread pattern notes. I sewed all damn day long in order to wear this skirt to dinner. I reminded myself of my friend Linda Wozniak's mother as she sewed her into her dress on prom night (Wasn't Bobbi doing that for you too, Sarah? Oh, man, that prom night is a whole other post isnt it?!) I'm not sure what made this so tricky for me, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around this pattern. Nothing seemed to add up. I feel like I have the plain old A-line down pat, and after finishing the layered version, I'm not sure I will try it again. With this fabric at least, I don't think that the layering really stood out they way I wanted it to. Maybe when it frays some more.


So nonetheless, here it is, the Red Velvet Cake Skirt, suited more to dimly-lit restaurants, like the one in which you see the actual red velvet cake, than flourescently-lit offices. I'll wear it again, for sure, but I'll probably save it for when there's some dessert in the offing. And the cake? Oh, the cake. Rolled in sugared walnuts, the only hint of sweetness were those and the carmelized sugar crisp on top. So lovely. Red-velvet lovely.