the whirl of gaiety


Can you believe that there was another birthday around here? Yesterday it was my friend Tracy. I love giving her presents because she's so expressive and appreciative when she receives them. No matter how much I love a gift, I feel self conscious and awkward. Not genunie.


Not Tracy. Her enthusiasm is clear and most genuine. These sushi plates are from our friend Megan.


This is a "calendar egg." I got my mom one of these for her birthday this year too. There's a muffled rattled inside the egg that brings magic to the owner. We could all use a little magic, muffled or no.


Tracy is also getting a new house for her birthday. She, like I, moved here from California, and she's had some trouble getting her legs under her. After her birthday lunch, she took us to the house that her family has decided to rent, and I'm finally seeing her happy about being here.


My childhood friend Sarah's mom used to drive us crazy by saying, "bloom where you're planted," but I actually think there's some truth to that. I would say instead, "be where you are." Watching Tracy move around her funky new mid-century mod house with views over the water was so, so lovely. She's here! She's blooming! A weight is off her.


And what a house! It even comes with instructions! If only life were that simple. Still, I think with a little magic, Tracy is getting it figured out. Happy happy birthday dear friend. Did your dad ever call?