barcelona a deux


We feel a little like this around here. Last week of summer vacay. A little sad, a little nervous, a little excited. Probably, what with me easing back into work and the whole end of summer bit, I should have taken a wee bit o' a blog break, but here I am and here we are.


In lieu of a real post, I'll show you Barcelona II, or "what I wore to lunch today." Elizabeth, it reminds me so much of the fabric of your Barcelona. I got a kick out of that. As I crank these out, I'm spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to get some darker, perhaps slightly shorter versions to wear with tights this fall and winter. I'm really good without tights through October here in coastal VA, but I always struggle with foot and sock-wear at the start of fall. Clearly this year is no different. I'd appreciate any suggestions, if you have them.

Thanks much to all of you who commented on Callum's post of yesterday. He fairly glowed with excitement as each comment came in.

Ummm, well, okaaay...she said, scanning the room an idea of something to say. I guess that's it! 'Bye!