All my dad wanted for his birthday was an apron, and being the duitiful daughter that I am, I hurried up and complied. A month and a half late (don't worry, he still got hooked up on the actual day), here it is! And here also is Neel, bravely man-modeling it for me. I first said, cherrily, "Let's go in the front yard!" Yeah, that didn't go over too well, but wouldn't you know, as soon as we walked out into the backyard, our neighbor Tyler came over. Sorry Neel!

Okay, unfortunately it's early and I'm sketchy on the details, but this fabric is an Egyptian motif that I got...somewhere, I need to dig up my receipt. My dad digs the pyramids, so I thought this was a good choice, plus the colors and subtle lotusy-patchwork print seemed right up his alley.


Like Callum's, only man-sized, this apron reverses to a basic chambray blue.

I ordered two different Egyptian prints, but they didn't really feel comfortable together, so I cut out some of the pattern from the second print (again, from the source to be named later) to do an inset on our blue side.


Here, looking a bit rumpled (much like me at the moment, I suppose), it is.

So obviously, it's a basic bib apron. The pattern is mine, and I seem...seem to be getting the hang of this thing. Happy birthday, Dad! Here's to many batches of Alfie's Famous Cooked All Day Spaghetti Sauce.