the long slow march of the WIP


Here's what I should be doing:


~the dishes (sorry Neel)

~folding laundry

~transplanting our hibiscus plants

~sorting through my 5,000+ (yes, more than 5,000) photos in iphoto, naming, deleting them, etc.


~moving the feather bed (and a few Christmas ornaments we found lying around) up to the attic since I've decided that it'll be more special to only have it on in the winter.

~writing a few over-due e-mails

Here's what I did today instead:

~watered the grass (using our Pirates kiddie sprinkler)

~chatted with some neighbors on the front porch while I watched the grass being watered

~paid the bills for the month (all of them! on time!)

~made lunch

~cleaned (almost) the sunporch

~checked in on some blogs

~sent and read some e-mails

~researched new digital cameras

~listened to Callum play 2001..."open the pod bay doors, Hal."

~tracked my dad's birthday presents. (I love the internet)

~marinated some fish for dinner

~hit the dog on the head with a hammer (no, really) (it's a toy that makes the sound of breaking glass)

~started today's post to bluerainroom

Here's what I'd like to be doing: (I'll leave out things like "reading a book by the beach.")

~flipping through this

~or this

~ordering a new digital camera

~starting a new sewing project

~what the hell, reading a book by the beach

~ordering some tags from

~playing in photoshop


sunporch, before


sunporch, after


Not too shabby, huh? Man, that was hot cranky work. I want to throw so much of that crap away, but truthfully, Callum plays with a lot of it. We're going to turn this spot, designed to fit a twin mattress, into a reading nook for the rest of the summer. Frankly, I just didn't have the energy to get to it today.

As I worked, I kept trying to come up with a way to combine the words "knit" and "apathy." It was going to be the title of this post, but the best I could come up with was "knitathy" or maybe "knipathy." Both sounded like they could as easily be combining "sympathy" as "apathy." And that feels oddly appropriate. I need some knitting sympathy. Because, frankly, someone who is thinking about knitting as much as I am is not apathetic. I'm doing a lot of thinking, I'm just not...well, knitting. I have several WIPs on the sticks right now (including the scarf at the top of the post), enough so that I feel I should finish something among them before starting anything new. I have interest in knitting, I just can't seem to muster the interest in those projects.

So do I start something totally new...abandon the things I started and still love (at least from afar). I have the sense that I want to work on something that has some meat to it, a fairly intricate pattern, for a sweater, perhaps. Of course this is a rationalization, but maybe it'll get me interested in doing more than thinking. So I've ordered some Knitpicks Shine Sport in aquamarine to make this:


The Josephine Top, from Interweave Knits, Summer 2007.

In the meantime I'll try to make some progress on that scarf, and maybe do some reading to boot!

P.S. Sarah, if you're out there, I'm thinking of you kiddo! Yours is one of the e-mails that I need, no want to send! XOXO, Lauren