she makes one pavlova and suddenly she's a baker

First off, before we start baking cakes or knitting sweaters, let me say a ginormous THANK YOU for your comments on Callum's post. He was a smiling blur of happiness after each and every one. I wish I could show you...


It was too hot for the beach and there was not enough time for a movie, so we turned on some Dan Zanes and broke out some cookbooks.


We picked the Upside Down Pear Cake from Eat, Drink, Live. The more I play around with this cookbook, the more I like it. I don't really like cooked fruit...seriously, the only reason to eat cobbler is for the crust, but I was intrugued by the twist of using pears instead of pineapple. The recipe also said it was a good one to make with kids, so I was sold. We weren't disappointed.



We used red bartlet pears, and since Callum's idea of baking involves knives, after he greased the pans, he halved, cored and sliced them for me.


What amazes me about this picture is that those hands look so, so big. They could be my hands. Big kid.


Things always get dicey at this stage of baking in our house. Callum is allergic to raw eggs. It was a disasterous introduction to raw cookie dough (isn't that just a shame?) and then the aforementioned Grandma Mercedes thumbprint cookies, namely the egg wash, that clued us into this particular quirk of his. so I have to do all of the egg-y parts alone. Could be why we don't bake much around here. Callum sits across the kitchen. Waiting. Worried. He was fine.


After creaming together sugar, butter and eggs, you fold in flour and milk.


You pour the batter over the pears and bake for about 45 minutes.


It comes out looking like this. Smells like heaven, too.


We had to get to karate, so we put a lid on it and headed out. I thought the cake was pretty cool when I put it on the cake plate, but see how steamed up it is? It's been hot here, no question.


I had a late meeting last night, so we bypassed dessert in favor of breakfast. It may not have been a photographic success, but it was definitely a baking success. Not terribly sweet which pleased Neel (his lack of a sweet tooth may be another reason why not much baking is done around here), and not too much mushy fruit, which pleased me. And I loved the delicate flavor of the pears. The sweetest part was the sweetened whipped cream on the side. The recipe calls for 3T of milk, and I almost wonder how it would be to subsitute some pear liquer...just to enhance that pear-y flavor.


Not a bad way to start the day! New plate love too...pear green despite our red bartlets.

It's a new day, washed clean with some seriously huge storms (that I had to drive through after my meeting) last night. The hood comes tonight for Greek Night, and Callum and I have a lot to do to get ready.


In knitterly news, I got my KnitPicks Shine Sport yesterday, cast on last night and worked the first row this morning. I have some reservations about the Shine Sport. I don't mind working with it, but in the projects I've used it on in the past, it just feels, I don't know, ropey. I think I'll like the stitch definition though. Elizabeth's over at amingledyarn is just lovely. Go check it out. She's the one who inspired me in the first place and she has some links to other Jos. This is only adult-sized sweater #2 for me, so it's not going to be nearly as nice, I'm sure. Can't help myself though! I'll keep you posted.

That, the Somewhat Cowl from The Garter Belt and some supersecret sewing projects ought to keep me busy for awhile.