sometimes I make things


I am woefully behind the times. I think the first blog I discovered may have been dooce, and it was this entry that had me hooked. Around the same time, I was making the shift from dabbler-knitter, to "knitter" and googling all sorts of things like "short rows" and "kitchener stitch." It was through those internet rambles that I started to discover knitting blogs. I think Elizabeth's may have been one of the first. (It's fun to backtrack a little, because I think Knitty got me there in the first place.) For a long time I used Elizabeth's page of links to navigate (Hi Elizabeth, if you've dropped by! I'm still coveting that Weekender Bag, but there's no way I'm going to have enough time to make it before we leave.), then I got brave enough to venture out on my own. I found Alicia and Jane (see how we're all on a first name basis!) and oh my gosh how inspiring have Amy's aprons been? I really will get brave enough for Tie One On, soon, I promise! It was the way these women (and many others, really) wrote about their lives and crafting and (in some cases) raising kids that inspired me. So how can I have been doing this blog thing of my own for almost a month now and not talk about the things I'm making?

Shy, maybe? A big part probably. Woefully miserbale photography skills? Well, you knew that already. Really woefully miserable documenting skills. (I have tons of stuff out there that never got photographed or documented.) But yes, sometimes I make things. The photo at the top of the post is the wee start to a pair of Fetching fingerless mits. Wrong time of year (I gave a lot of these as Christmas gifts), but a good gift for Callum's 1st grade teacher. I'm hoping she'll wear them on the playground next year and think of what fun she had.


Necklace Roll

This necklace roll is a gift for my jewelry-artist friend Marianne on her 40th birthday. I own so many beautiful things that she has made, I wanted her to have something that I made that shows how much I appreciate her gifts. Here's a look at the inside:


I've been making some handbags too:


I'm in the "learn as you go" school of sewing. Hoping to get more proficient and well, faster as I go along. I'd like to truck out a bunch of these little bags and try some new designs too.

So yes, sometimes I make things. I hope to get some work time in this weekend (Callum asked today if sewing or knitting was a "chore." Most definitely not! But I'll get better in the documentation and the photography, and hope to have a gallery of photos somewhere around here.