good tidings


"I totally believe in Santa Clause.  Kyle doesn't believe, but I do."  Callum has a plan to see him this year.  "If I hear him trembling on the roof, I'm going to sneak downstairs and look through the crack in the door (what door?) and listen for the bells, and then I'll see Santa come down, and then I'll see the presents and the stuff he's putting in the stockings, but I'll won't see the stuff he's putting in of course, and I'll hear him talking to the reindeers and the reindeers talking."

I'm thrilled to hear this story.  Second grade was a rough year for me.  For reasons that won't be enumerated where an eight-year old who will want to read this post can see.  Suffice it to say that I can still picture exactly where I was standing in front of the blackboard when I got the news.  And from whom.  Christmas is going to be great this year.