weekend engagement


The "friend" portion of the holiday season started in full force on Saturday with the engagement party of some friends of ours. 

A few weeks ago, back in early October, Nurse Rebecca and her family took Callum to Busch Gardens for the day to celebrate HallowScream.  Oh my God the fun that kid had.  If I did a whole "Thanksgiving-y" post of things I'm grateful for, numbering near the top would have to be the people who include and even absorb my young son into their lives.  Name any of our near neighbors, but their parents too, and they all welcome Callum into any endeavor that they think he'd enjoy.  He doesn't get it now.  For him, boat rides and Busch Gardens are just an accepted part of his life.  But we get it, and he will.  When he looks back, he will. 


On that day it was Rebecca, her parents and this happy couple.  Rebecca's brother Wyatt and his fiancee Megan.  On Saturday we celebrated their engagement.   


Sometimes I get the sense that we didn't really know how to do things until we moved here.  Finally, with lots of exposure, we're learning.  This oyster roast engagement party was just how a fall party should be.  A perfect location, with the weather dialed up for a perfect fall day. 


The house is part of the Episcopal Diocese and is on a point of land sloping toward the river.  The wide, wide lawn was the perfect spot for a couple of fire pits, games of frisbee, tree climbing, and water watching.  All of the activity was outside under the tent and around the fire.


I don't love oysters, but I can sure appreciate their ambience.  This is only the first oyster roast I'll happily attend this winter, all without sampling the oysters.


Fortunately crab cakes were passed around.


There was lovely live music.  All the best songs, from Dave Matthews to Van Morrison with just a guitar and an amp.  Callum asked as we were leaving if I liked the musician, and I told him that I wanted him to come to my house and play for me all the time.



There were lovely warm fires to gather around.  Just like at home, Neel couldn't keep his hands off the fire.  It was the setting that really got me, though.  This lovely point of land.


The autumn light on the water.


Lovely homes peaking through leafless trees.



These happy people.



And these happy people.



When the sun went down, we all trooped home.  But what a wonderful day.  Jan and Bill, Nurse Rebecca, Wyatt and Megan...what a great party.  Thank you so much for including us again.