almost there


Remember this?


And this?

Well, all in good time, I said.  All in good time.  The bedroom is almost finished.  We're nearly there. 


It's an autumn bedroom now.  We have drapes instead of sheers.  The featherbed is back on and last night we sank into deep cloudy soft-piled marshmallow loveliness.  These were our first new pillows in years and seriously folks, I floated into sleep.


On pillows this soft, how could you not have sweet dreams?  I got new pillow cases too.  Bamboo...and cotton, I think.  I'll have to take another look at the fiber content.  But they're soft too!  Like buttah...  Or silk. 

It was fun, at first to sleep on the floor.  In a lush, mattress-and-box spring-on-the-floor-kind of way.  It reminded me of this picture from Little House on the Prairie.


Pretty cozy, huh?  And it was cozy for awhile.  But I had no idea it would take the bed as long to stain as it did.  Dratted humidity.  And it still didn't come together quite unscathed.  I'll have to go and do some touch-up sometime along the way.  Besides, after awhile cozy starts to hurt your back.  And look like your first apartment.  And Lucy starts to get restless.  Up and down, up and down.  Until finally, Friday night, she most insistently woke both me and Neel in order to be let out to chase a raccoon out of our back yard.  At four a.m.  Time to put the bed back together.  We all slept like babies.  If those babies aren't Callum.


We've never really decorated our bedroom.  It was just a place to put our bed and dresser and night stands.  Even Neel's nightstand is an old tv table that was left behind by the previous owners which he now claims he wants me to stain (Uh, Neel, my staining days are are on your own.).  But this is coming together.  This is nice.  I want to get a rug.  We need (you know, when need means want) to reframe some photos.  I had some pictures of Callum enlarged, re-worked into black and white and framed for Neel for Father's Day several years ago and they hang above our bed ("Imagine if we had six Callum's...").  They now need darker frames, and that is proving harder to find than anticipated.

And finally, I really, really want to make us a quilt.  My original thought was gray and red.  Now I'm thinking gray and chocolate and caramel and red.  It'll probably take me the next ten years to do it.  But this room needs a quilt.


Until then, "Well it's bedtime," Ma said.