Yesterday was our twelve-year wedding anniversary.  I spent the afternoon at work, and we spent the evening at dinner with about twenty other people sitting at two separate tables in two separate rooms.  I could hear Neel's laugh across the entire house.  Neel has a great laugh.  I heard him laugh before I ever met him, before I ever laid eyes on him.  What a nice first memory of a person.  It's everyone's first memory of Neel, and that alone makes me very happy to be married to him.  We laugh a lot.

Not that it's all perfect.  Last night, in the middle of the night, as I hauled the covers once again back over my shivering body,  I thought here's the book I'm finally gonna get published.  Living with the Light Miser and the Blanket Thief:  A Guide to Marriage.  It'll make me millions.

Here's to the next dozen or so years, Neel.  I love you like the stars above.  I'll love you till I die.