nip in the air


Oh my god people this global warming bit has got to stop.  I love living in the coastal south, but it's October already.  Apple bobbing time!  Sweater wearing time!  Blue jean time!  Not 90 degree weather time.  Finally, finally yesterday it started to feel like fall around here.  A breeze, sun-swept skies, and a nip in the air.  It was a seriously, lovely bit of cool.  If I hadn't been so busy I would have toddled over to Target to get myself a sweater.

I am warily eyeing some eighty degree temps at the end of our seven degree forecast, but for now I can put down the sock knitting and pick up the sweater knitting.  I can start thinking about making chili, and I can scrounge around for some lap blankets to use when we have our fire pit this weekend.

I *heart* fall.