October 1


Soctoberfest here I come. I applaud Lolly's efforts to minimize her efforts (!), so I have no more plans than to try to knit some socks this month while I work on some other things. Okay. I need to clarify a little.

1. I'm not sure which of these three yarns I'm going to use. I'll probably cast on for two pairs (although where the hell all of my small dpns have gotten to, I have no idea), One is destined to become my "Desk Drawer Sock." I need something to keep at work to give me a computer break now and again. The other I'll work on at home.

2. I only have a couple of goals in this whole process, and really, none of them is even to finish a pair. (Finishing would be an added side bonus to be sure, but A) I'm a slow knitter, B) I'm already working on some other projects, C) I'm easily distracted, D) I do my best knitting when it's not daylight savings and we hunker down in the evenings, E) I'm a slow knitter, F) have I mentioned that I get distracted easily? I do.)

3. So knowing that I only have a few goals, here they are. A) Avoid the vile ladder. I really struggle with these, especially when I use DPNs instead of circulars. B) Use some pattern, such as this, this, or this. And C)... (sound of crickets chirping)...huh. Okay. Maybe that's it. If I think of anymore, I'll let you know. Really, C is just to knit on the damn things consistently throughout the month. Shouldn't be too hard, should it? Happy Socktoberfest.

Now that I've said all this here...I'm gonna go say it all over here. I just got my invitation!