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1. lilacs from Neel's garden | 2. quiet night | 3. baseball saturday | 4. mint julep | 5. sunny window | 6. baseball sunday

1. lilacs from Neel's garden | 2. quiet night | 3. baseball saturday | 4. mint julep | 5. sunny window | 6. baseball sunday

All baseball all the time this weekend. Bear with me for a moment here. Starting with a loss that felt like a win on Saturday (because Cal had a great game... not that that's all that matters) and a (big) win that felt like a loss on Sunday because the whole game seemed to have a dark cloud over it. Did you know... there's a rule in Little League that only one coach can be on the field at a time wearing flip flops? So our coaches started the game with a dust up with the umps about that.

Despite tons of runs for us, things went downhill from there. Our pitcher hit one of their batters in the leg. It happens. No big deal. But the next time that guy got up to hit, our pitcher must have been spooked a little because he hit him again, this time clipping the back of his helmet. Yikes! The parents from the other team? Yelling, "Dust it off!" Like he was a toddler with a skinned knee. Well, the parents on our side of the field weren't impressed with that. You get hit in the head, you should sit.

That same kid pitched the next inning, and after getting walked at his at bat, Cal stole second. Their catcher tried to throw him out and ended up beaming their pitcher in the face. Same kid who'd been hit twice before! It was bad. The ball hit his temple and ricocheted off.

Everything came to an eerily silent halt. All the coaches came over as the kid stood there weaving a bit. Finally they took him off the field and sat him down with a pack of ice. !! One of our moms went over and said, "I will call 911 for you." Apparently he didn't even know where he was.

After that, nothing felt right. It took forever to restart the game (long enough to bring the kids off the field and out of the sun), and no one could do anything. Both teams were rattled. The umps should have ended it then and there, but for some reason they kept it going for another inning before finally calling it. Three innings. That's all we played. We won, 18-10. And you know what else? We play them again on Wednesday. Great.


Bonus section:  Gratitude:   cuelifephoto  |  edenhelsley  |  maggiemuses

Bonus section: Gratitude: cuelifephoto | edenhelsley | maggiemuses

You guyyyyyyys... My heart is so full when I think about how much fun we had during #perception_collection. I just have no words. I said on Friday, and I'll say it again, watching my feed fill with all of your interpretations of the prompts and watching you support each other as you moved through each of the prompts... well, it moved me so much. Christine and I had so much fun putting it together, and we were totally overwhelmed at the response! We'll be back! We're working hard on assembling more prompts for you, so mark your calendars for June 27-July 11. Let's celebrate summer with some great photography, shall we? Christine's recap is over at The Plumed Nest, so go check out more great photos there.