five things, june 7 edition


 1. I think I can't believe that we're kicking off summer vacation under a tropical storm warning. If you know me at all, you know I get a secret thrill out of this (I love me some hurricane tracking.), but where are our beach days? Where is our trip to the pool? All in good time, I'm sure, but in the meantime, you can find me here and wringing out my sneakers.

2. I think I've been frazzled and vaguely unproductive all week. Me no likey. Cal's exam schedule totally threw me off (dismissal at 11AM can do that to me), and I've never been completely sure what day it was. I know it's going to take us awhile to get into the rhythm of summer vacation (post Tropical Storm Andrea), but I need to be able to pull out of my mini-funk. Any suggestions?

3. I think I need to get my act in gear about a lot of things including this trip we have coming up. The things we have to get ready, I can't even. Can someone step in and take care of me, please? Scattered. How pathetic is that.

4. I think I know we need to do a summer bucket list. We've done them in the past, and even though we rarely cross everything off the list (!), it's a good way to frame all the things we want to do. Like bike rides. And ice cream. And beach trips. We joined our local pool (after years of much debate), and I anticipate many days and evenings there as well. I'll be working a lot this summer, but at fun stuff mostly. Summer should be fun mostly, shouldn't it?

5. I think I'll have things more in hand next week. Fingers crossed. Once the rain moves out (And wouldn't you know, Callum has to pick up his exam grades, so we have to drive in this mess today.), we have a nice weekend planned. What are you guys up to? We have a quiet night tonight but dinner with some friends tomorrow. We were going to grill chicken, but now Neel and I are leaning toward a dumpling-making party. What do you think, Jackie? Fun/no fun? We haven't done one in ages, and it's kind of like dinner theater! And on Sunday I might go shopping! Because, really the most important thing I can do to get ready to leave the country and meet my friends in London is get some new clothes.