fledgling {still + life}


Well, my dears, I've had a rough go of it. Yesterday was a Bad Day like I haven't had in a long time. I started crying around 8:30 in the morning and tears just sort of oozed all throughout the day. The disappointments kept coming in waves, more for Cal than me (those are the worst, aren't they?) until I wasn't sure I could take another. Thank God my mom showed up. But. Shakes self off, dusts hands. Show go on and all that. Disappointment is bitter, but we learn from it too, I suppose. Graduation is tomorrow. My dad gets in tonight. We'll cook out on Neel's new grill and make sure Cal has a clean tie. Tomorrow I'll have a post about my boy and his year. I'm writing it this afternoon to take my mind off things, and after that it's summer. Finally. Then I'll tell you about this little guy too. Thanks for hanging in with me.