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one kid, one roll, on film :: march
artistic funk...well, you can see how unhappy I must have been. That all changed with film. I loaded one kid, one roll, on film :: march again. Somehow, with film, he's thawing. He likes its renaissance nature. He likes that it's old Film , "everything") than in last month's photos. I challenged myself a little by shooting a new film (Kodak includes some other wonderful Film Mamas. You might also remember that I whined and moaned my way through Christmas. Please go check out Michigan Film Photographer, Dena Robles and her gorgeous work this film
our snow, on film
share some of the snowy shots I got on film this year. The shots here, although on a couple different our snow, on film Film film
nantucket on film {still}
Film nantucket on film {still}
my start, lessons in film
their weddings entirely in film. Even though I have friends who are compelled by film, no one I knew switching to film and try to answer the few questions that I could. They were the same questions I had just qualified to answer. They still make film? Where do you get it? Yes! They still make film. Sadly, many film languishing. What could I do that would make it feel different? What if I shot it on film? You know then how Film my start, lessons in film nuts and bolts of this film process, so I thought I'd give a little bit of my back story in film
housekeeping, how goes it?
school all week. Fortunately, film scans are delivered via email, and I found some in my inbox this Film , it seems. I think next week, I'll take you on a little film journey. Nantucket maybe? In better film
the gift of friendship, a lesson in film
, it was during one of our rambles that I might have whispered, "I'm thinking about trying film . I don't have a romantic connection to shooting film, and I certainly have no muscle memory of it ." Let me back up a bit, again. I have shot film. My dad got me a Nikon camera when I was about 14, and I hows and whys of why I decided to try film, but I wanted to take one small moment and just say thank Film the gift of friendship, a lesson in film film
one kid, one roll, on film :: july
Film one kid, one roll, on film :: july
come together
I've been taking pictures for a long time, but it wasn't until I found the film community that I'm Film ) about the merits of different film stocks, shooting styles, cameras and metering modes. It's a film mama here that are local to me, and I'd be lost without them, but within my group of film friends I know
on teaching and learning: anticipation
was first learning to shoot film and immersing myself in everything I could read, I got my hands on shooting film, that's practically sinful. (Hangs head in shame.) So I tried to rein myself back in Film Sherri Koop's eBook FILM. I love it. It's still one of my go-tos for both education and inspiration film for special occasions; use it for the everyday moments. I thought that was pretty smart, so I film
six months in
many things about life and shooting film. It's the lesson I need to remind myself again and again. Slow systematic. Bracketing my exposures. Testing different metering methods. Exploring new films. At times I film. Dang! Who knew? Six months of frustration, deep absorption, trials and errors and transcendent Film really wonderful film workshop called Embrace the Grain, led by the lovely and supportive Joyce Kang delight. Even though I'm often sharing my lessons through film here on SPL, I thought I'd try to film
batting practice, lessons in film
, consumer grade film (purchased and then developed at my local drugstore) and tried to shoot all the path with film. One mantra, hold it lightly, I use for a lot of things. A lot. And I'll circle back . Learning different film stocks and meter readings and taking notes. At my photo group last week, we talked batting practice, lessons in film Film my way. Shot after shot. Learning to understand film and light and how they all work together there?), of course I'm tackling film. But I have smaller, specific projects on deck too. I've been film
first steps, a lesson in film
that I'd never shoot film. After? I walked away thinking, "Hmmm. Interesting." I came home from that sings to you as we go along. Film is a funny thing, and the delay in processing time, as compared were drawn to my Fuji (it's cute) because they are film photographers. It was the first real talk first steps, a lesson in film I'd had with someone who was regularly shooting film. They were happy to answer my questions and tell Film I'm afraid as we move forward into 2015 that I'll be writing more about my process of shooting film
brand new day {still + life}
Universe and the dear friends who've helped me along the way. That is, if you care to listen. But for now, I’ll say simply this. I shoot film. my first set of film scans, (developed at my local Walgreen’s no less), I was happy with my Film Pentax K1000 Seriously? I’m impatient, not smart and certainly not skilled enough to shoot film. Or to Sunday that I'd never, ever do. I decided to try shooting film.   Kodak UltraMax 400, Shot on a film
Shenandoah Spring, On Film
between the photos from the 35mm and the medium format cameras in this post. Same film, same around, and I'm standing on the mountain top. Thank you, Virginia. Film Notes: Part of the whole Film Shenandoah Spring, On Film
stony ways
dreamy grain. Getting film scans in a day early was just the best start to my week. Thanks for black and white film I've tried another time. Isn't it fun? Very old school, I think, with all that Film film
under the sea (on film)
Film under the sea (on film) film
field day on film
field day on film slowing down that film makes me do, and all of that slowing down is good. But with things like Field Day consumer grade film on a Canon Elan 7E and developed at my local Walgreens. (For the Win!) there's one frustration I have with film, okay, I have a few, it's the delay in seeing my photos. And Film Walgreen's for developing. Film photos dropped off and picked up on the same day? A miracle! If film
spring training on film
cold. By Sunday, I thought I'd spend the afternoon warming up to the film photos of our trip to Film spring training on film film
film outing we had together, on her dad's Leica with Portra 160, and there you have me, billowy Film enriched each day as I follow this journey in studying film that I have embarked upon. And the friends
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