one kid, one roll, on film :: july

Ah, the Ninth Grade Formal. It seems like ages ago. I know I'm taking a bit of a hiatus, here and everywhere really (except for maybe Instagram), but I can't not participate in my beloved One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month project. I knew when Cal's Ninth Grade Formal rolled around last month that I'd be using those photos for this project for sure.

At Cal's school the Ninth Grade Formal is a Big Deal. Whew! As big as I remember my Jr/Sr Prom in high school. He went with a great friend of his (with her permission, I'll share those photos in the next little bit), which is the best way to do that kind of thing, and they had a blast, it seems. Cal had been wanting a suit for ages, so we used the occasion to buy him one as a graduation from middle school gift. Somehow he ended up with two. That kid always swings a deal.

I used the occasion to take some more formal portraits, which I loved doing, and could do more and more I think. Portraiture = scary for me, but also portraiture = a way to push myself and fun. I'll take some volunteers if anyone else wants to get in front of the camera. Anyone! ;)

My friend Amy Bethune comes next in our circle. I think her kids are so stunning. I can't wait to see what she's up to this month!

come together

I've been taking pictures for a long time, but it wasn't until I found the film community that I'm currently part of that I truly felt that I'd found my tribe. I have very close photographer friends here that are local to me, and I'd be lost without them, but within my group of film friends I know I can go with any question, no matter how dumb (or how often it's been asked!). I know I can dip a toe in a new style or technique and be lifted up with love and support. I know I can chat (ad nauseum) about the merits of different film stocks, shooting styles, cameras and metering modes.

It's a beautiful thing.

So yesterday, my friend Lea from Love Me Simply Photography asked one of my groups, What do you do when you're in a funk? She'd been feeling stuck lately, and even with some unexpected free time, she wasn't inspired to press the shutter. Several of us chimed in with the various ways we all get un-stuck (because let's face it, getting stuck happens to everyone!), and she has compiled those brilliant ideas into a wonderful blog post filled with inspiration and tips just the push you need to get you going.

As you know, I have opinions. I encourage you to check it out here, to see what thoughts I have on the subject, as well as the thoughts of some brilliant creative people who are way smarter than I am.